About International Childcare Eindhoven

Our children grow up in a society with the rest of the world within ‘’an arm’s reach”. Due to digitization alone. We offer professional Dutch day care and out of school care with an international dimension. At Childcare Columbus, International School Eindhoven and day care Nemo, High Tech Campus. Places where children of different nationalities meet to play, discover and learn. In a stimulating, familiar and safe environment where they can be themselves.

  • Nemo offers professional day care
  • Columbus offers professional day care, out of school care and  - in cooperation with the International School – lower foundation groups in which they prepare toddlers for school.

A future with less borders

Children come to us from all over the world; mostly from expats who work in the Eindhoven area. But also Dutch children come to play and discover with us. One of the goals of our internationally oriented childcare is for the children to personally experience different cultures in their lives from early childhood. Without losing sight of their own culture. In this manner we would like to give them a solid foundation for a future with ”les” borders.

Desire to discover the world

Children from all over the world, irrespective of origin, have in common the desire to discover the world around them. Preferably with all senses, they would like to feel, try, smell, taste, climb, etc. Sometimes this occurs with trial and error. Even when they have already spent more time in school, children potentially keep pushing the boundaries. The pedagogical approach of Columbus Childcare is focused on ‘’learning by doing”. We offer an environment that stimulates the children from baby onwards to develop and challenge themselves.

Bilingual day care

Columbus joins the pilot bilingual day care. This means that we introduce the children in a playful manner to the Dutch and the English language. At Nemo we speak Dutch with the children, but of course our team members speak English very well.

Location Nemo Location Columbus

Social Childcare

We are a member of the Branchevereniging Maatschappelijke Kinderopvang (BMK) and support social childcare. We invest the profit that we make in the development of all children.  

Read more about social childcare (dutch)


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