Childcare app

Children and balloons Columbus Eindhoven

Both our locations (Nemo and Columbus) make use of the Childcare app. This app enables parents to see and read about what their child(ren) is/are doing during the day. How fun is it to see photos of your child(ren) participating in all kinds of activities? 

The Childcare app also allows you to change days, inform the location when your child is ill and/or to arrange days during holidays. At the moment the app is only available in Dutch.

All features of the app

  • With the photo diary you can experience the day together with you child(ren) 
  • Use the app to request an extra day or to change days
  • With just one simple click you can inform your location when your child is ill
  • Upload and look into invoices and annual statements
  • You can receive personalized newsletters
  • Look into the information pages

Also available on desktop

Do you want to use the app on your desktop computer? Click on the button below and log in with your username and password. 

Desktop version