Childcare in the Netherlands


In the Netherlands, families have different care options for their child(ren). For example: daycare, childminder or informal care such as grandparents or other relatives. Most childcare facilities offer various kinds of care, depending on age: daycare, toddler care and out of school care.

Childcare is not a social service in the Netherlands; therefore, we are unable to guarantee places for children. Mendy Tonnaer, director at International Childcare location Columbus explains: “we would love to be able to welcome all children, but we simply do not have the place for all”.

Daycare facility

A daycare facility is open on workdays all year long. Most daycare locations open at 7.30 am and close at 6.30 pm. Children aged 0 to 4 years are welcome here. The facility takes care of food, drinks, fresh fruit, and diapers. It is common in the Netherlands to bring your child to daycare for 2 days a week, so you can share your spot with other parents. At international daycare locations however, most parents choose to bring their child four of five days per week.

Out of school care

Once a child turns 4 years old in the Netherlands, they go to school. Once school is over, they have the option to go to out of school care. They pick up your child from school and provide fruit, drinks, and a fun rest of the afternoon. Your child can play, relax, and take part in different type of activities.

How to register

Once we receive your registration, the director of the location of your choice contacts you to discuss your wishes. If we have a spot available, you will receive an offer. However, chances are there is no place available for your child(ren). In that case, you can choose to be added to the sign-up list. As soon as a spot becomes available, we will contact you about the possibilities. You can use the form below to fill the online registration form.