• International
  • Movement & Relaxation
  • Healthy Food policy
  • Challenging environment

Average rating daycare: 8.7

Kids playing outside Nemo
Play in a Swedish farm located in the beautiful Dommeldal

Are you looking for childcare for your baby or toddler? Nemo is a childcare centre located at the High Tech Campus. Children from all over the world come to Nemo. Children from expats but also from Eindhoven and the surrounding area choose for our childcare because of the high quality care and the experience and ability of our staff, to cater for the needs of international children and parents. It is our responsibility to ensure that your child feels at home and safe at Nemo. Make an appointment and come have a look. You are welcome!

Outside everyday

Nemo is unique because of the large play area. Children can play to their hearts content. Cycling, running, exploring and playing with sand and water. Or being taken for a walk in the peaceful Dommeldal surrounding Nemo. Babies also enjoy the garden and the fresh air and warmth of the sun and learn to crawl on the grass or in the sandpit. Nemo also offers the opportunity of an outside bed for babies.

Trusted and secure

It is important for children to feel safe when starting at a childcare centre. Nemo offers qualified pedagogical professional staff. They provide a warm caring environment and in addition, you and your child will receive their own mentor. She will give the attention your child needs for it's development and well-being. To ensure your child feels safe in it's new surroundings, the mentor will be there to answer all your questions.

Daily routine and gestures

Nemo is a unique childcare centre. Where  else do you find so many nationalities together? It’s a stimulating environment that contributes to the development of children.

We work with fixed daily routines and frequently use (hand)gestures, helping children to adapt and feel at ease. Our official language with the children is Dutch, but children of the same nationalities sometimes speak to eachother in their mother tongue. Our experience is that children at a young age, in addition to the mother tongue, quickly master the Dutch language.

It’s not a problem if you don’t speak Dutch, all staff at Nemo speaks English as well.

Encourage your child

Our large farm is spacious and lightly furnished and creates an open atmosphere. Our team also has that openness. Together we devise programs that stimulate the senses, stimulate motor skills and fantasy and support language development. Rest and activity alternate in a good balance. It’s nice to see how children help each other and learn from each other.

You also have the opportunity to get to know other parents: twice a year we organize a pleasant Eat, meet & greet.

Nemo is part of International Childcare Eindhoven and cooperates with the Columbus location.
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A first impression

bubbles Having fun Yoga with Angelien Cuddling Being sportive
bubbles Having fun Yoga with Angelien Cuddling Being sportive



47 parents rate daycare International Childcare Eindhoven location Nemo with an average of 8.7


Special characteristics

  • International
    Nemo is a unique childcare centre, with kids from all over the globe. A meeting place for child & parents. During our Eat, meet & greet, parents have a chance to meet each other!
  • Movement & Relaxation
    We offer young children the opportunity to join a gym class. In addition to exercise, there is also time for relaxation and yoga classes are organized for babies and toddlers.
  • Healthy Food policy
    We have a healthy nutrition policy. This means that we allow the children to come into contact with added sugars, additives (e.g.) as little as possible.
  • Challenging environment
    Children can go on an adventure in the large natural play area. The environment also offers sufficient challenge. A sports park withing walking distance & the possibility to visit the animals of the nearby school.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

We are closed on national holidays.

More information


Directeur Danique

You can find us here:

High Tech Campus 18
5656 AE Eindhoven

Tel: +31 (0) 40 292 80 44
Opening hours

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