Our rates

Below you will find the rates of our branch locations. If you have any questions about our rates, please contact the branch location of your preference. 

If you would like to know the monthly net costs of childcare for your personal situation, please make use of our Childcare Calculation Tool.

Childcare Calculation Tool

You may be entitled to child care benefit. This is a contribution towards the costs of child care. Check the conditions

Our rates in 2021

Location Type of childcare Monthly gross rates* Gross rates per hour
Nemo Daycare 52 weeks € 406,06 € 8,52
Columbus Daycare 52 weeks € 414,86 € 8,70
Columbus After school care 52 weeks** € 194,64 € 8,17
Columbus After school care 40 weeks** € 123,91 € 10,05
Columbus Foundation 40 weeks*** € 125,23 € 10,02

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* based on one day of childcare

** based on the end time of school on mon-tue-thu-fri: 3.30 p.m. Out of school care rates are always an average of the specific days you choose because of the different end times of school.

*** based on one day of 3,75 hours

If you have questions about the rates, please contact your location.